Estimado de Préstamo

Complete el formulario para solicitar un Estimado de Préstamo. Uno de nuestros representantes se comunicará con usted en las próximas 24 – 48 horas para continuar con el proceso de solicitud.

Interest Rate is 27.25% to 29.00% for terms from 6 months to 72 months. Examples: (1) Personal loan of Afls.900 pays Afls.32.17 monthly for 60 months; (2) Afls.8,000 pays Afls.279.87 monthly for 60 months and (3) Afls.18,795 pays Afls.615.16 monthly for 72 months. All examples include life insurance. Monthly payments reflected are estimates assuming the customer makes payment as agreed. Subject to credit approval and documents verification.
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